Tuesday, January 10, 2012

03 January 2012

The third card goes to the manager of the apartment building in which I live. Like many organizations, the previous building owners tended to extract as much profit as they could while doing as little maintenance as possible and have the building remain standing. There has been a change in management, most of which I do not understand, and now we see more on-going maintenance.

Late last fall, I turned in a maintenance request, and left for a long business trip. When I returned, I noticed that not only had my request been fulfilled, but they had also attended to several other problems. They left me with what feels like a new apartment, and the result was that I abandoned my plans to move.

Although I personally thanked the manager for these repairs last November, I know that her's is often a hurried world, and I doubt she receives many tangible forms of gratitude for her work. More likely, she receives far more expressions of anger as she finds herself the focus of someone's disappointment.

Perhaps this card will cause a smile.

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