Tuesday, January 17, 2012

10 January 2012

Tomorrow, I go to the dentist to have two fillings replaced and an inlay applied. That will make three 50-year-old fillings replaced in a month.

Now, why in the world would I express gratitude for that? Well, it had been about five years since I'd seen a dentist, which sounds odd because the cleanings are free with the company insurance. Free cleanings are one thing, but the fillings and crowns are something entirely different, and they come with an alarming price tag. I really didn't want to engage a dentist until I knew I could handle the cost of the other stuff.

Still, why be grateful here? It was about the worst two hours in recent memory, even worse than extended precision plane delays, and this one seems ill disposed to offering nitrous even after I asked. He asked if I was nervous. I said it wasn't a matter of nervous. It was a matter of two hours. He said there would be lots of breaks.

Let me tell you now that those breaks did not count.

What I'm grateful for is the end of the recurring dreams in which a molar disintegrates, and yes, I know the dream analysts are now having a field day with that one, but I believe none of that, at least in this case. This was a matter of seeing a few teeth headed downhill fast.

But now, the dreams are over, and that's a very good thing so Painless gets a card. (We'll discuss the nitrous next time.)

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