Wednesday, January 18, 2012

11 January 2012

Facebook has changed the world in ways we might not yet recognize or appreciate. I've been a fan of online communities for a long time, and FB has taken that concept up a notch or two. The world is now a much smaller place, and it's only going to get smaller.

Here's the deal. When I write these pages and the corresponding note, I post the text to a blog one week later. I want the note to make it through the mail before the blog post goes up. Each blog post is then mentioned on Twitter and Facebook. I don't see much interaction from Twitter regarding these posts except for the one fellow in England, and yes, I do track where the incoming traffic originates. Facebook is a little different. I see the majority of readers starting on Facebook.

Well, ain't that cool, and what's it about?

The thing is that yesterday on Facebook a friend mentioned that she was really getting into the postings and that she looked forward to the next 362. Given the snark that is possible and the silence that is common, her comment warmed my heart, and as I told her I felt like a cat in a sunbeam. It was a thank you in cyberspace, and I, for one, am quite willing to go with that. Yeah, I'm easy that way.

She gets today's thank you.

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