Thursday, January 19, 2012

12 January 2012

I work in a small company of about 50 people. With one exception, we're all in the same facility. The range of skill sets is as varied as the range of personalities, but I need to state upfront that what the one does is no more or less important than what the other does. When we all get it right, we all look good. When one of us fumbles, and we all fumble at some time or another, we all have to pitch in for the recovery, or we all look bad.

During this last month, I've made about 8,000 requests of one particular department, and in particular, one individual in that department. This is because most of our agreements with clients involve a summary report of statistics from the previous year. Yep, at some point in February, lots of people out there get letters and CDs from me.

What brings me to this page is the work of one particular individual. He has been providing responses to those requests at light speed, so fast that I find myself queuing his emails so that I can handle them all without getting confused. He is making us look good, and for that, he's getting a note.

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