Saturday, January 21, 2012

14 January 2012

We often read a lot about loyalty to a company, especially the one that pays us, and loyalty is a fine thing. It is also earned, generally, before it's given. More often, though, loyalty is earned by one person and given by another. I'm not sure many companies mind the corporate culture enough to ever learn that loyalty to a company could happen, at least in my experience.

And then there's payroll. Most people will tell you there's nothing more important in an enterprise than payroll because that's what keeps the peeps coming back. We like our money. Let the money stop, and we'll see how far loyalty carries the bottom line. I believe we now know what we are.

To this end, my company just changed payroll companies, and our HR manager has been working overtime, and probably been dreaming it too, as she moved the payroll information from one system to another. As best I can tell, she made it happen at least for me, and I'm pretty sure I'm not all that special, leaving me to think she got it for everyone.

With all that going on, she found the time to add home addresses to some of my cards. Now, I feel all guilty, and I think I'll not add any more to her workload than I can help. She gets a note of gratitude today.

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