Sunday, January 22, 2012

15 January 2012

For an otherwise healthy man, I seem to spend a lot of time in the company of healthcare providers. A very few days ago, I was in my regular doc's waiting room. It was time for fasting blood work.

I loathe fasting blood work because it makes for an upside down day. Yes, I'm addicted to breakfast. Mama wouldn't let me leave the house without breakfast, and we don't have to look far to find support for having breakfast. The docs should get a grip and listen to Mama.

So I'm setting in the man's office looking over the selection of last year's Time magazine, and what do I see but several Out magazines. For those of you not in the know, Out is a periodical written with gay and lesbian people in mind. I used to subscribe, but I gave it up because the lifestyles portrayed had little connection to my reality. I'm unlikely to pay three digits for a t-shirt. The magazine also came in a brown wrapper, and that offended me.

Nonetheless, it's good to see Out as a choice in a doctor's office. I might even read a copy next time. For being open and making my world a little more open, the doc gets a card.  

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