Monday, January 23, 2012

16 January 2012

Instead of a long weekend at the beach processing the untimely death of a friend and my own survival of another year on this planet, I wound up making several trips to a local urgent care clinic. These guys will take people on a moment's notice whereas the regular doc wants a week or two to brace himself for my visits.

I made three visits this holiday weekend. In each instance, the doctors assigned to me possessed extraordinary bedside, or table side, manners. One in particular seemed more counselor than physician, and left me wondering if her training was initially as a nurse. This is the primary reason I seek out nurse practitioners for healthcare.

Regardless, urgent care clinics are often characterized by fast-paced treatments, not so much by slowing down to hear what someone is really saying, and I had the good fortune to have three listening providers in a single weekend. They're getting notes. Yes, that's more than one a day, but I suspect it'll be alright.

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