Thursday, January 26, 2012

19 January 2012

We wear many hats at work because we, generally, run very lean, and that means while we each have a job, there are many other things we wind up doing. For example, I have scrubbed toilets at 7 AM on a Sunday morning because our cleanup crew doesn't come on the weekends and someone in my focus group had a problem that I didn't know about.

When we're working in a hotel somewhere, we can call upon hotel staff to handle most details, leaving us to focus on our work. These are details like making and bringing lunch. Or finding a multiple outlet and extension cord.

When we're working in the home office, and it's the weekend, we have to make the best of what we have. That means that in addition to facilitating the focus group's discussion, I need to collect lunch orders, organize them, send them to the restaurant, and then scoot out to fetch lunch. Why, yes, it would be easier to use a restaurant that delivered, if there were any open in the office park on the weekend.

Today, I got lucky. We were working in the office during the week, and some peeps pitched in to make sure the step-and-fetch happened like it should, not as I could get to it. One of those peeps received yesterday's card. Another one get's today's. I doubt they know just how much better they made my life this week, but maybe they'll have a small glimmer now.

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