Friday, January 27, 2012

20 January 2012

It's the wake of my birthday, and that's motivating several cards. I might have to bend my one-a-day rule, but that's a decision for the weekend.

To maintain a little cognitive balance with work, I'm working on a year-long project with two work colleagues. The one sends us five words on the fifth of the month. The other paints something about those five words. I write five haiku about those five words using only commas for punctuation, and then the first peep write a short essay about what motivated her choice of the five words.

It's the kind of thing that keeps us sane, but I doubt it'll threaten the day jobs. Yeah, we all work together.

Anyhow, one of the peeps gave me a small moleskin notebook in which to develop the haiku. This will be fun, and I look forward to using it, especially since I just got a new fountain pen to write these notes. I just wish the pen would improve my writing. Maybe that'll come later.

Until then, she gets my rather scrawled thank you. I suspect it'll pass muster.

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