Saturday, January 7, 2012

Quick Discoveries

After I wrote a little, I learned something. The Hallmark cards I bought to see me through the period until the Amazon cards arrive do not take the ink from my fountain pen. Not well, anyway. I should probably change over to the Sharpies, but not yet. Do you suppose people will complain about the way the ink beads?
I also need more return address labels. Those I received ages ago from a failed fund raiser are about gone. Fortunately, Kinko's has an online facility to make more, lots more, and in about a week, I'll have new labels. These will have my smiling face upon them. That'll worry someone, I'm sure.
And stamps. Forever stamps. No-lick stamps. Stamps with Mark Twain's picture upon them. I went to the local Post Office, but it was closed early for a late lunch, and I wound up ordering them online, which is likely how I'll do it from now on. As sad as this is to say, I suspect the days of a physical presence for the Post Office are growing short.
In hindsight, I'm thinking those stamps must have shipped from China. It's been days, and they're still not here. Pine cone Forever stamps will just have to be sufficient for the while.

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