Friday, February 10, 2012

03 February 2012

More birthday mess. Mess? It's quite flattering, but I'm pretty sure the peeps more like a chance to get out and eat well. Regardless, I'll take what credit there is, due or not.

My birthday lunch was free. The one peep picked up the tab. Pork BBQ, eastern NC style. Vinegar. Just the way the deity require us to enjoy her piggies. Please note that I did not partake of the $3.99 bag of home fried skins, some with hair. Those things are so satisfying. And deadly.

The BBQ is my second favorite comfort food, chicken stew being the first. You might call it chicken pastry. I have to cook that myself because I'm not sure there's anyone left who can replicate my grandmother's recipe. It took me some 20 years to figure it out. Perhaps one day we can share a bowl.

After the healing BBQ, we chowed down on a dessert of real Coke with salted peanuts, the peanuts poured into the Coke. It does not get any better.

For yet again saving my life, this peep gets a card.

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