Saturday, February 11, 2012

04 February 2012

Facebook is interesting in that it permits a reconnection with people from the past. Recently, I started adding students I knew back when I taught high school, and yes, it took some time to remember some of them. That's more a statement on me than them.

The same is true for colleagues. One of my favorite appointments involved academic computing at UNCG. We had a crew of very talented and creative people coming from all sorts of backgrounds. It was there I started playing Dungeons and Dragons, one of the few games I could tolerate for more than five minutes. I even started dreaming those games.

Things change, and those days are long gone. However, many of us are on FB, and several of us are FB friends. One bud has a busy life, and she only goes online every week or so, unlike the people like me who are rarely removed from an online presence.

One day a few weeks ago, she commented on something I posted, and in what she wrote, she brought up a something I needed reminding of, that being the importance of laughter. I have a propensity of laughing at odd things, and often laughing very loudly. However, there was the one who, I thought, had my better interest in mind, and a frequent comment involved toning down the guffaws. That was very bad advice, and I see now that it was rooted in a weak personality prone to paranoia.

I'll be unleashing that guffaw more often now, and that motivates a card. 

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