Sunday, February 12, 2012

05 February 2012

I work with several extremely effective women, and one of them is quite lucky this evening because of the limited bandwidth I’m finding in this hotel that prevents me from uploading a report and its appendices. You probably heard her happy feet when she discovered that I was leaving her alone for a few days.

She's also on the cusp of a project I started last week when I lost my mind and starte something, that being the newly-formed Tough Mudder team. I want her on the team, but she's holding back, mostly because of the extreme pictures and videos. However, her decision processing is far more complex than that, not that I'll give her such credit. I just want her on the team because I know we'll need her.

Nonetheless, she will agree that my job description includes making her life a living hell as I crank out one report after the next that she gets to make right, and in doing so, she makes us look so very good, all the while being a very good sport as I beg, whine, and wheedle to get her on the team. Yes, I have no shame, but I do have some cards, and she's getting one.

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