Tuesday, February 14, 2012

07 February 2012

It's often the case that we spend more time with the folks at work than we do with our own families. That is certainly true for me. However, my work takes it up a notch. How so? We travel. A lot, and often together. My colleagues know just how poorly I can behave, especially at the end of a long road trip.

This also means we bond is manners that are typically uncommon in the other work groups across the company. It is common to hear talk of “family” when referring to the peeps at work, and while that's a worthy goal, I think we often miss that mark widely, though with one exception, that being the people who travel together.

I recently finished a road trip with a fellow across the building. Our paths rarely intersect because of the differences in our work, but periodically, we're on the road together. When I first met the man, I figured he was a bit of a jock-wannabe for my taste, and follow-up encounters have driven that point home. However, I will say that when we first met and it was hand-shaking time, I was taken with a sudden cough that I covered in my hand. I looked sheepish, I’m sure, but he extended his hand anyway.

This road trip was no exception to our norm. He was collegial, as he always is, and nothing but friendly in manner, speech, and action. I don't see that I could, or should, ask for more when I’m hundreds of miles from the Bones of my Fathers.

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