Thursday, February 16, 2012

09 February 2012

I often work in hotels, and by often I mean about weekly, usually on weekends, but occasionally during the week. These hotels are all over the country, and I'm rarely in the same chain twice in a row. I wish I were because then I might accumulate enough hotel points to sponsor a vacation more than once in three years.

All of the hotels bend over backwards to make our stay as pleasant as possible. However, do recognize that hotels do not bend. Hotel staff bends, and I go out of my way to make sure my groups do not take advantage of that hospitality. It's just not fair to delay lunch by 45 minutes just to accommodate some, generally unnecessary, conversation.
Hotels operate on very thin margin, and they refined the charge-per-use concept long before the airlines ever got a clue. Internet access, wireless or wired, is one of these, and it's exactly where I was having a problem today. After some silent swearing, I stalked up to the front desk where the clerk solved my problem in a matter of seconds, and he did so with a brilliant smile and a fist bump.

I returned moments later to let him know his advice worked. I also got his name, telling him I wanted to write a short letter he could wave at his boss. I hope it gets him a raise, or better, health care insurance, but that's expansive thinking, and we'll likely have to settle for him having a pleasant moment opening the mail.

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