Friday, February 17, 2012

10 February 2012

Ages ago, I groused that many companies waste valuable resource on physical offices. Having that building and all the stuff inside it is a simple waste for a good many examples, mine included. I do most of my work outside the office, and having that space with it's furnishings, heated or cooled as necessary waiting for those rare days I’m in town is purely wasted resource.

Frankly, if we need to gather for some purpose, we can converge on mall food courts or Starbucks for that hour or so a week. We don't need the expense of maintaining a structure. However, who am I?

Enter the office rearrangement. Another traveling bud and I will now share an office, and we need new furniture that works for two. The old style battleships were just too big, and the boss decided IKEA might have something useful. It did, we picked it out, and he ordered it. It might even be there in all its minimalist glory when I return next week from this road trip. (I’m working in a hotel this week.)

Once that's all settled, we're adding an aquarium and a painting a wall with chalk board paint. I've long bemoaned not having an expansive area on which to capture fleeting thoughts as we plan activities, and now, it's about to become a reality.

The boss has been nothing but supportive on all these matters, and for going the extra mile, or light year, to make our workspace more inviting, he's getting a card.

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