Sunday, February 19, 2012

12 February 2012

When I first heard of the Tough Mudder event, and then decided to participate, my thinking was that I'd do it alone, or with a team I'd join the day of, or possibly with Lil and Josh. After sleeping on it a night, I decided to bring the even to work, and the response was about what you'd expect. Most people rolled their eyes and ignored me, a few made the expected comments regarding my sanity, comments which I feed daily, and a small number enlisted instantly.

A few days later, the CEO walked by on another matter, noticed the TM conversation, and smiled as big as I've ever seen him smile. It was like the dawn after a storm. He has even decided to participate in the documentation of our training, practice, and participation.

The next nine months are going to be fun, if we survive. As I told the doc, if the training doesn't kill me, the event might. Either way it's going to be one rocking year. That our leader is engaged, accepting, and promoting only makes it batter, and he's getting a card for that.

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