Tuesday, February 21, 2012

14 February 2012

A colleague in another state went for a long vacation in Egypt back at the end of the year. For as much as I like to imagine a life as Indiana Jones, I'm not sure I'm sufficiently skilled with a whip to visit the countries in that part of the world. Besides, I'm a particularly poor tourist, and I don't like being one. For me it's much better just to be somewhere for a while, buy groceries, wash clothes, and otherwise learn how the folk there live. Of course, that's just me, and I recognize mine is a minority opinion. As usual.

To that end, I my colleague on his way with a single instruction: Bring me back a camel. Two humps.

A month or so later, I receive a package in the mail. It's a camel. One hump. With a note that he owes me a hump. That alone is worth a card.

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