Friday, February 24, 2012

17 February 2012

I do not live in a vacuum, and I certainly do not work in one, though I've known many people along the way who appeared to think they did. Life is certainly simpler for the independent contributor. They just do their thing and move along. I wonder what that's like? Never having to align with the schedule of someone else. However, I doubt there's much reality there anymore. This world is becoming more and more tightly knit.

As I've mentioned before, this is the season of the professional presentation for us. There's another season, but it comes much later. We can discuss that in November, assuming I'm participating in that one.

A few days ago, our editor did her magic and made us look good. Then my coauthor took another look and caught a few things. One, in particular, was the use of “data” as a singular noun. That one might have jeopardized my degree if the right one ever saw it. I can honestly say I did not write that sentence, but I must also admit I'd previously read right over it.

You can see now the kind of details we sweat.

Enter the unexpected peep. She offers to take a look with the company style guide in hand. She returned the file a few minutes later with five title capitalization errors corrected.

I write very little by myself anymore, aside from these pages, and as you can tell, I often need help. For that unexpected gift, I'm sending a card.

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