Sunday, February 26, 2012

19 February 2012

You might wonder how a man, known to be insufficiently immature to have a roommate, can be talked into sharing an office. Well, aside from making good on my claim that we waste a lot of office space in this world, and what with all the prattle that the Internet makes the world my office, we both travel a lot, and by sharing an office, we also save our little company a little rent. At least, that's where I'm hanging my hat for the moment.

The thing is many people would cringe over the thought of sharing quarters with me as I can be a bit difficult to live with. To this end, my new office mate has been nothing but an agreeable gentlemen. We're planning an aquarium. A few extra plants. One huge blackboard to support planning sessions. Lots of colored chalk. Probably a magnetic wall upon which we can stick all sorts of odd things. And yes, we'll also work in there once in a while. Imagine that.

For putting up with me as all this mess happens, he's getting a card.

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