Wednesday, February 29, 2012

22 February 2012

This one surprises me. It's going to #1 Son even though he received one just last week, and he even called to thank me for the card. So why are we here again? Because he let me edit one of his papers. No. Because he gave me a coat for Christmas.

Now, before you read me the riot act because I've reached back for a note, which is something I've consciously chosen to avoid lest I don't find things for which to be grateful in daily life, this is okay because it's about the many compliments I receive when I wear the coat.

Josh's idea was to make me more visible at night, especially when I'm out on my bike, and people do seem to be better able to aim for me now.

Generally, my wardrobe comes from Goodwill, and I don't try to follow whatever surface feature is style. I do not ir la moda much. However, Josh might have changed this a little, and I do find myself enjoying the compliments. For brightening my day, he's getting another card. 

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