Monday, February 6, 2012

30 January 2012

I often work in non-traditional places. Usually, my parents' kitchen table sitting in the corner of my living room is the center of my work life, but there are many alternatives, and this is to accommodate my peculiar blending of work and life designed at the least to minimize boredom but also to make me better able to respond to requests, and to do so while maintaining a degree of sanity.

Typically, everything works about like it should, and I have a variety of accommodations to make up for the odd shortcomings of software advertised to be the best thing since sliced bread. For example, my primary email interface will no download a PDF attachment. Enter forward to Gmail, and the problem is resolved. Not all that elegant, but functional, and certainly better than the week's worth of downtime that'd not solve the problem anyway.

Yet, stuff happens. A peep recently noticed a file I emailed to a client was truncated. Was it a partial download? Was it OpenOffice eating part of a Word table? We will never know because the peep caught it, and I jumped to a different system where I rebuilt and resent the file before the alarms could sound.

This is one fine example of teamwork, this business of looking over one another's shoulder to make sure our mess is working and never to assign blame. We all need a lot more of that, and today, it gets a thank you note.

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