Tuesday, February 7, 2012

31 January 2012

You might have noticed that a thread of eccentricity runs through my life. This worries some of the peeps, and I figure, one day, they'll get over it, maybe, one day. Many just ignore the occasional weirdness. A very few get it, and are not threatened by it. These latter are fun to be around.

You might have heard me going on during June about TDTD. You might have even heard to the stories embedded in the tale of The Day Tink Died. Most people simply dismiss the mutterings as nothing of importance, and some probably wonder why I don't just get over what they feel is surely anger over something that ended 40 years ago.

What only a very few get is that TDTD is a celebration of survival, of having lived longer, done better, gotten over it, and sworn to never let go of that time that colored and changed and flavored us to make us, for better or worse, what we are today.

To this end, one peep who really gets it made me a t-shirt. Yes, a TDTD t-shirt. Even with a date and telling scene shown on the back. Maybe six will understand it. The rest will dismiss it. I feel a little sorry for those who have no defining events that need to be remembered.

Yep, this is worth a card. 

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