Friday, March 9, 2012

02 March 2012

I travel a lot for work, usually weekends, occasionally during the week, and once in a while for an extended period. The longest was six weeks a few years back. That one was special, and you'd think I'd have something to show for it, but I don't unless you count the deep-vein thrombosis that has not appeared yet.

This means I occasionally toss a lot of stuff from the refrigerator. It also means I don't have pets. Well, I'd have to own my apartment first. The rental agreement prohibits animals.

But, I’m known to step around rules now and again, especially when they get in the way, and a few months ago, Lil and Josh gave me an aquarium, and it became the home for a Betta. This choice was motivated by several reasons, not the least was the hardiness of the species as I go about learning to be a fish daddy. High on the list, however, was that they can go a week without food. This would be handy.

So BOOM! I immediately book a two-week trip. Never tempt the fates. Never. It's just plain imprudent.

Enter an across town friend who agrees to visit Erasmus THE Fish on the weekend. She'll get a dinner somewhere soon, if I ever get back home, but for now, for saving Erasmus' life, she get's a card.

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