Saturday, March 10, 2012

03 March 2012

I’m at the second of two back-to-back professional conferences, and this is the last day. Our work here is hardly anything as portrayed in movies and TV shows, but it's certainly better than picking cotton, at least for me. Maybe the party people don't invite me out. If that's the case, I’m fine with it. Late nights, long dinners, and endless social discourse leaves the introvert tired and ready for bed. And happy also.

It takes a lot of work to make these shows happen, and most people have no idea just how much orchestration is needed to make it all look like the smooth and seamless engagement we see. If you ever crave a nightmare, just put on an event. I've done one or two, and that's a gracious plenty for me.

Today's note goes to one such peep. She works in a particular capacity that puts her up front and center in my world when I’m here. Of course, my defined role is to process odd ideas, and the organization encourages different types of thinking and is not alarmed with off-the-wall suggestions. Many good processes arise from such thinking.

Yeah, I’m in my element here.

I also make this particular peep's life a living hell at times, and I apologize routinely. Her response is, always, that I should continue finding ways to keep her busy. She is a delight that way, and yes, she does speak frankly, which is more than enough to motivate a card today.

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