Sunday, March 11, 2012

04 March 2012

My traveling companion for the last part of this prolonged road trip is our CEO. He's an excellent choice for this particular duty in that he hosts excellent dinners, not so much by his choice of restaurant, which is impeccably and something that I emulate as I can, but more in his presentation at the table where he is the consummate gentleman and a model for the rest of us. I should do a tenth as well.

When he arrived, the hotel was caught a little flat-footed, and his room wasn't ready. This is a rare event at a Hilton, but it can happen, as it did this time, and to make amends, the manager gave him a handful of coupons for the bar.

After our business dinner, he offered me a pair from the bounty of his arrival distress, and I accepted them with a smile. Two glasses of Cabernet would make a welcome close to a long day, and they did. What more could one ask from a CEO as a long fortnight on the road came to a close? That's surely worth more than a short note, but it's where I'll hang my hat for today.

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