Wednesday, March 14, 2012

07 March 2012

I attend several professional conferences in the run of a year, and each has it purpose with only a little overlap to be found. Conference attendance and participation is certainly nothing like picking cotton, usually, but there are times when circumstances can arise that make me wonder. Fortunately, those moments are few and far between.

Most of these conferences meet yearly, but one meets twice each year, early spring and early fall. It's an association of nursing specialists that does very good work, especially in the face of limited resources and competing demands on those resources.

The last session held in Tampa was no exception, and I found myself enjoying my time there. It's a very good thing when your work comes together and you actually enjoy the moment. We need to savor and remember those times because all too soon we'll find ourselves in other circumstances where we'll need the former to see us through the latter.

Of course, I'm no nurse, and my work is not directly about nursing, though we work with a lot of nurses. However, the conference encourages our attendance, and we do pay our way because it's important that we maintain the personal relationships that make the business matter go more smoothly. Today's note is going to the CEO of that organization because she has been nothing but cordial and enabling these past many years, and she needs to know that we appreciate her smiling face at the door.

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