Tuesday, March 20, 2012

13 March 2012

Last week in the hotel after a long evening and business dinner, I was riding up the elevator with a glass of Cabernet in my had, and, bless his heart, my fellow passenger decided to point out that my fly was open. His wife blushed. I snorted, and did nothing because that glass of wine was far more important.

Fast forward to yesterday. I ate lunch at my desk, and onwards to about 2 P.M., I noticed my fly was open. Again. Now, bear in mind that I had not been holed up in my office all day. Oh no, I'd been all over the office multiple times, and no one had said a word. Did they not notice? I suppose a few did not as we have quite a few tightly wound and highly focused introverts on the staff.

So I posted a Facebook and Twitter update about my fly. No better way to make friends and influence people, I mused. Some brief time later, in the copier room not making copies because the machine had me befuddled, in walk two peeps. They had seen my FB post, and they assured me that they had not noticed my fly.

Then the one says, oh, yes, she does, she says, “I usually watch your eyes.” What a wonderful liar by omission she is. She keeps here eyes up to be sure she doesn't lose her lunch. Or worse. But she'd never say that. Never.

For my biggest afternoon-long chortle in a very long while, those two peeps are getting cards. And a zipped fly.


  1. Jason got mad at me early on while we were courting because I couldn't tell him the color of his eyes...

  2. Eyes are not my first impression of most people either.