Friday, March 23, 2012

16 March 2012

Like most office environments, ours is particularly social, and I work from home frequently because of the on-going interruptions a social environment presents. This is not to say that I do not care for the environment I find in the office. Not in the least. What it says is that I cannot focus on my work sufficiently well in an atmosphere constantly filled with distractions.

Yes, I'm introverted like that, though more than one would classify me with some degree of some form of autism, probably because those knuckle-dragging people doing the classifying do not understand how some of us need a little silence and solitude to form, maintain, and refine a coherent thought. Notice how I don't go on about the unnecessary prattle they bring to the world while calling it social discourse and thinking aloud.

Before I get on too high a horse here, let me admit to bringing my own set of interruptions to the world and the office. The other day, I had a peculiar question fall on my desk, and although I knew the answer, I felt it reasonable to exercise a little social and professional referencing by alighting on a chair in a colleague's office where I presented the question, heard his answer so similar to mine, and then sent him on to the meeting I made him late for.

For as boring as meetings can be, I doubt my interference in his schedule improved his day, and he gets a card for suffering me without comment. (At least, no comment that I heard.) 

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