Saturday, March 24, 2012

17 March 2012

Some 23 years ago, my mother went shopping at Sears. She was looking for shower gifts for a not yet born Lily. Mother grew up and lived dirt poor, and when she remarried, it was to a man of a little more means but with a much larger heart. He didn't mind spending a little money to make his sweetie happy.

That day at Sears, Mama became a one-woman shower, and when all the boxes and packages arrived, my now ex was simply astounded, and she understood the greater meaning the shipment had to my mother who, heretofore, had never had much opportunity to gift like that.

Fast forward to last week when she calls me to report that she has some gifts for my niece who then was with child but now has a fresh baby in the house. The question was how to get the gifts delivered, and between my travel schedule and Lily's work schedule, the baby might be in college before we got together.

Finally, yesterday, Lily and I worked it out, and now that circle is complete, if a little bent. I'm sending the ex a card, but I suspect the gifting itself provides the greater satisfaction.

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