Sunday, March 25, 2012

18 March 2012

People worry about a lot of stupid mess when it comes to young people and their lives, and what they'll do when they grow up seems to be the big one. Always has been. I doubt it'll ever change, mostly because I don't see much evidence that the population is getting smarter, and the political news supports the hypothesis that we're getting dumber. Lots dumber.

So my Lily graduated. Double major. Religion and Philosophy. Now, what might we do with that, so many ask. Why spend all that time and money like that?

Let me real clear: People who ask such questions are damned fools. Narrow minded. Lacking in foresight. Insecure little twits seeking to cover up their own lack of confidence in their own decisions along the way.

So my Lily took a job. Not in religion. Not in philosophy. But in a commercial vet clinic. After about a year, she quit said job, flying in the face of the on-going, and likely vacuous, promises of promotion to management. She did this for two stated reasons: One, to get her weekends back. The other? To reduce the number of idiots in her life.

As though I needed another reason to love this woman. Or to send her a card?

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