Wednesday, March 28, 2012

21 March 2012

Way back when Lil was a tiny thing, when she'd fit in a spoon as I told her later, we used to go to the mall for the evening. She'd ride in the backpack, and I'd get a walk in. Not really the aerobic workout one might expect, but a worthy endeavor nonetheless.

At some point after a couple of hours window shopping, we'd wind up in the food court. Yes, standing in line at Lulu's Cinnamon Buns. I'd get a big one with a large cup of milk with two straws. We'd then sit at the table where I'd have the cinnamon bun and milk while she played with the straw. I doubt she'd be so easily entertained now.

Fast forward to the other day when I went to work hungry, and Peep 1 had brought in a plate of veggies and dip. Well, Peep 2 brought in dessert. A box of mini cinnamon buns, and excellent exemplars they were. 75 calories each. Yeah, I ate six.

We can regret that another day, and I'll let you know when that day gets here. Until then, Peep 2 gets a card.

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