Friday, March 30, 2012

23 March 2012

Last week, Danger was driving home for spring break, and he stopped by a friend's apartment in Charlotte to spend the night. In doing so, he parked in resident parking, not visitor, because visitor parking was filled whereas resident parking was wide open. That Saturday night, his car was towed, and although it was towed legally, the act was predatory, designed to generate cash for the driver, the towing company, and, probably, someone with the apartment complex management.

After $120, some unbecoming language, and unnecessarily higher blood pressure, he had his car back the following Sunday afternoon. I suspect he learned an expensive lesson, but we'll see. I rarely park in questionable places because I'm certain the federalies are lurking in the bushes. His mother, on the other hand, appears invisible to tow trucks drivers. Danger appears to have inherited more than my hairline.

Regardless, the incident left me thinking of the parking policy where I live. Rather than tow people for thinking about parking here, our management goes out of its way to invite people, making much of the lot available to students taking the bus to campus. The ensuing lack of angst and worry about a car remaining where it's left is worth a lot more than the card she's getting, and I want her to know that I appreciate it.

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