Saturday, March 31, 2012

24 March 2012

As you probably know if you've been reading along here, is that I recently lost my mind in a likely midlife crisis. The upshot is that I've drafted a team to participate in a Tough Mudder coming this October, and as a part of preparing for that event, I've added two other somewhat similar events. One event is the Warrior Dash, three miles and about a dozen obstacles, held near Charlotte this May. I'm running with a team affiliated with the local LGBT Center, which is why I call this event “Running with the Homos,” a name that has yet to be adopted by the right people.

The second event, The Ninja Run, will be held in June near Raleigh. Think another three miles and about a dozen obstacles. So why am I belaboring you with these desiccated details? It's because we have women at work. Yes, we do, and some of these women are very interesting people. They are strong too. One in particular, I wanted for the Tough Mudder, but for reasons beyond my manipulation, and I did try, she is unable to go with us in October. However, she's able and willing to participate in the Ninja Run, and this means we are going to do much better than we might have.

This means we're going to have an excellent team building event in June, and I'm told there will be ice cream afterward, and in many flavors, especially vanilla. For a cone of vanilla, I might have to send two cards.

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