Saturday, March 3, 2012

25 February 2012

One of the peeps is looking to return to gradate school, and she's been much occupied by the application, a part of which includes an essay about why she wants to attend the program. What most applicants do not realize is that the essay is not judged on the merits of why they want to go back to school. The essay is an opportunity to examine the candidates' writing skills. To this end, you can write about (almost) whatever you want, not just the boring prompt.

In my case so may years ago, I changed the subject to something I could better tolerate and closed with a statement about how my mother loved me. It seemed to do the trick.

Regardless, candidates often engage the writing as the high stakes assessment they see it to be, and they get all serious with it, which I suppose is generally OK, but it does remove all the fun from the activity. This was certainly the case with the peep in question, and I read her essay making edits here and there, mostly to keep her APA-compliant without changing her voice.

Don't worry. She had other reviewers.

Fast forward through a lot of work, and we're at lunch in about the only part of Cary I can tolerate. What does she do but nab the check to thank me for the help with the essay. I suppose, then, today's card is a meta-card.

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