Sunday, March 4, 2012

26 February 2012

It should be clear now that I do not work in a vacuum, though I’m sure there are times when more than a few people wish I did, and for as solitary as my life usually is, there really are friends who play very important roles, roles that I value dearly, roles that if removed, would leave me wondering what happened as life collapsed into a unidimensional construct bound by dreamless sleep and tasteless food.

You might have also noticed that I act, or at least talk, as though I write a lot, and perhaps I do from certain points of view, but I see myself as a wannabe forever distracted by the ever-present vicissitudes of work and life. Nonetheless, I do get out the occasionally published paper, and I can tell you that I had very little to do with those accomplishments, not when compared to contributions of others.

In particular, I have the one co-author without whom, I doubt I'd have a line on my vita. We shared a dissertation adviser, and he saw fit to encourage our writing together. This week, that co-author and I are presenting at a professional conference. We've done it before far more than once, and what constitutes our pre-session practice is more Vulcan mind meld than practice. We'll present the session as a conversation between couple of friends. We'll even disagree on points. We always do. Yes, we've done it a thousand times before, and I look forward to another million repeats, though today, I’m only sending the one card.

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