Monday, March 5, 2012

27 February 2012

Some of you might be familiar with last year's project in which one peep painted while I wrote on the full moon of each month. It was a good project that produced some interesting observations as we put our work together for the first time. Recall that we didn't collaborate on the development of each month, aside from living tin the same world.

My only regret, now, is that the year did not include a blue moon, at least a blue moon by my specific definition, which is the second full moon in a month, not one of those more technical, soulless definitions.

What you might not know is that we acquired an editor during the year. Her job was to catch my many typos. That's right: I leave typos when I write, what with being otherwise occupied telling a story. Oh, yes, I can be a copy editor's nightmare.

However, this peep had a different nightmare, that being my predilection for the, occasional, longer than normal sentence wherein my use of semicolons presents an additional affront to her delicate sensibilities, but such complex sentences are often required to express the important thoughts that must, by sheer strength of will and necessity, spill out and be heard before the story can continue, and it is the story that's important, that must continue. I also make frequent use of commas, probably more than are necessary, but road systems need signage and sentences are no different.

I assume, at this point, she's seeing an orthopedist for her sorely abused typing fingers, not to mention her repeatedly destroyed delete and backspace keys. Control-X is likely her BFF.

She's getting a card anyway.


  1. Paragraph 4 needs a full-stop. Please. Somewhere. Dear Lord. ;)

  2. But there's only the one complete thought.