Tuesday, March 6, 2012

28 February 2012

As a part of our new office to share, we painted the back wall with blackboard paint. We'll see how well that works out, and I’m hoping for the best because I've been missing me some expansive writing space lately. After the wall was painted, we had to let it dry for a few days. We also had to leave it to go work, and we're to be gone for two weeks. See why I find little need to formal office space?

However, we didn't want the wall left simply black because that would leave people to wonder what it might start looking like, and when people are left to their own devices, they start imagining all sorts of things, things that are usually incorrect and likely not rooted in reality.

We needed to manage some perceptions.

To make that happen, one of the artistic peeps agreed to season the wall by rubbing chalk dust over the entire surface. After that, she wrote out the algebra that demonstrates the effect of multiplication and addition on the mean of a distribution, which is one of the problems I would present to doctoral students, if I had such students.

Now, people don't just see a black wall. They don't just see a dusty wall. They see something from 9th grade Algebra that we use daily in our work, though not many realize it, and for helping us out with managing some perceptions, the artistic peep is getting a card.

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