Sunday, April 8, 2012

01 April 2012

Ages ago, I worked in a university computer center, and among other duties, I supported the SAS System on computers that no longer exist. Things change, you know. Because of that work, I got to know a fellow from SAS user support quite well, and we even went to Reno together one year for a conference. That trip presented my first experience with eating with chopsticks as the restaurant didn't have forks. Yeah, I was out of my league.

Things change, and time moves one. In time, I had lost track of the man, but about two years ago, I managed to find him. He was still working at SAS. I can't imagine staying in the same place that long. Ten years is about the max for me, so far, with five years more like the average. I get bored quickly.

So we traded emails, had dinner at a local bar. A few weeks later, we spent Christmas or New Year's Eve, I forget, with his wife, or girl friend as I don't know which, at that same bar. With that, he fell off the planet. There's not much surprise in that since he's relatively unconnected except at work, and I assumed he had retired, moved, both, or been captured by space aliens.

Then I went back to that same bar for dinner tonight. There he was working on a gin and tonic with his bike tied to his chair just like mine. I didn't recognize him at first. People are a little harder to recognize from behind, but then he turned, and I saw his face. We spent a half hour catching up as I munched my broccoli and decided he was getting a card.  

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