Tuesday, April 10, 2012

03 April 2012

You don't have to look far in this world to see the importance of health insurance, and companies that skimp, or worse, withhold, insurance deserve what they get. And worse. Okay, that's harsh. Perhaps too much so.

There was some recent discussion by a particular Republican presidential candidate where he bemoaned the opportunity to carry his children on his coverage until the were 26. He wanted them to get a job and get their own insurance. What we have here is a complete disconnect between his rarefied, relatively wealthy world, and the world in which the rest of us, or at least I, live in. Here's to hoping he soon crawls back under his rock much sooner than later.

So a while back, my Lily graduated, took a job with health insurance, and dropped off my policy. In time, the reality of being a corporate drone took it's toll, and she bailed after she found another job. However, said job did not come with a health benefit. I'm biting my tongue over that one, though the owner does help out with health expenses. She just doesn't offer coverage.

This all happened on the last day of our open enrollment, demonstrating Lil's exquisite timing, and I completed and filed the papers accordingly. Then came the cards, both without Lily's name on them. Uh oh. In leaped, our HR director, and within the day, this matter was resolved. She saved Lil from exposure to the devastating risk brought by a lack of health insurance, and that gets today's card. 

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