Thursday, April 12, 2012

05 April 2012

You've probably figured that I prefer writing with fountain pens, perhaps because I bought one just for the purpose of writing these cards. I also like sharpened pencils, but I don't do much with those anymore. Perhaps if I ever return to the classroom, I'll keep 144 sharpened in a box on my desk. You just never know when you'll need an extra, but for now, the fountain pen will do.

When I entered my office this morning, I found a blue Waterman box on the desk. Since I share an office, I wasn't sure whom it was for, but the CEO strolled by a little later and made it clear. He was regifting a fountain pen, and not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I was all over it.

This pen is a little above average for me, and it will not travel with me, lest I lose it in airport security again, like the one I lost in Brussels' airport sercurity. I'm even going to violate my rule and use this pen, not the usual, to write his note this evening.

Now, if the new pen would just do something for my penmanship, the world might be righter, but that's another matter for another day.

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