Friday, April 13, 2012

06 April 2012

I don't live in a vacuum, no matter what some people might say, or more likely wish, and I do have my favorite haunts that I tend to visit often enough for the staff to know my name, or at least my face. I just don't tend to stay out late, and I certainly don't dance on bar tops often. My days of reciting Shakespeare and Maxwell's equations from atop a bar in Chapel Hill appear long gone.

I also don't go out with a lot of different people. I never have. At work, there are a few of us who head out for lunch somewhat regularly. After work, you could count on one hand the number of people I tend to go out with.

However, I received a text last night from a young thing across town about stepping out to dinner, and I agreed. We went to my usual, a place she'd never been, and had dinner while chatting about our shared world for the next two hours.

It made for an unexpected and delightful evening. We might do it again in a few years. Until then, she'll receive a card to help her remember me.

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