Saturday, April 14, 2012

07 April 2012

After the series of unfortunate events that led Lily and I to not getting together for what seemed like an eternity, we pulled it off. Tonight, we did it again. Whodathunkit?

I drove over to Greensboro for a late dinner with her after work. I know she was tired, what with working all week and then the weekend. She does seem to be liking her new job with its more cats and fewer fools, but that could be just the honeymoon period speaking. We'll check in again later to see how much is new and how much is real.

Regardless, she made time for her old dad to drop by, check on her and the cats, not see the pup who got a new yellow ball anyway, and then step out to Ham's for a late dinner. I suspect she crashed within minutes of my departure, or maybe she cruised over to check on Seymour first. Seymour's staying with the BF for the time being.

Meanwhile, for taking time to humor her old dad, she's getting a card.

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