Thursday, April 26, 2012

19 April 2012

Some two years ago, Josh started talking to me about something called Vibram Five Fingers. I checked them out online, and then wrote them off as some kind of fad. He finally saved up enough money to buy a pair, and quickly stopped complaining about knee and leg pain when he ran.

About this time last year, I finally gave in and bought a pair. What did I have to lose? The chronic faciitis was so bad and so persistent that I rotated through three and four pair of shoes a day just to keep my nerves confused. It took a week to be able to get them on without swearing loudly. It took six months to be able to wear them full time.

Tomorrow, almost a year into these shoes, I'm running a 5K mudder with about a dozen obstacles. Until this January, I thought I'd never move like this again. I also had, and still have, the weight gain that goes with a decade of 24/7 foot pain.

The weight is dropping slowly. The foot pain is but a distant echo. Well, except for the bone I broke in February because I ran too far. Nine miles with little or no prep. Yeah, it's easy for a monkey to forget, especially when he's feeling good for a change.

Josh needs a card for this. 

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