Monday, April 30, 2012

23 April 2012

Odd, it is that I'd be writing a third time about someone who is changing jobs, but here I am, and yet again, I think this is a positive change, especially for the peep. I doubt the organization she's leaving responds more than to hire someone else. It's very much like the conversation of momentum, isn't it? A small piece breaks off a larger mass, and they both move as expected, but the large piece deflects it's course only a little when compared to the smaller piece.

Smart organizations spend some time studying why a departure occurrs. This is important because, usually, departures are expensive, representing a reduction in efficiency for the organization for some six months or more. If the new hire is more of the same, then the net effect is a permanent reduction.

If the departure occurs for a bad reason, the smart organization will attempt to figure this out to prevent it from happening again. In my some 59 years on this earth, I've worked for exactly one company that was smart with such departures. In every other instance, management wrote them off as something to blame on the persons leaving. Good riddance, in so many words. Such organizations rarely thrive, and more than one no longer exists.

Nonetheless, the peep made a good decision. She will be better off, especially after managing the incumbent sources of stress that accompany changing jobs. I wish her well. 

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