Sunday, April 1, 2012

25 March 2012

Of course, getting the one peep in the Ninja run was not so simple as waving it in front of her. Nope. We needed an accomplice, and by accomplice I mean another of the female peeps. The one jumped in after about 30 minutes of reflection, and that set the stage for the other to join the next day.

The reason to go on about this is that I want the world to see how strong these women can be outside the usual and, somewhat, traditional circumstances. It's easy to start taking people for granted as they go through their daily routines, but there's nothing ordinary about climbing 12-foot walls, slogging through mud pits five feet deep, and running through bales of burning hay, all the while demonstrating that we can put our minds together to pass through and survive these and about any other set of obstacles.

Besides, now I get ice cream when it's over. That might be better than the card going out today.

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