Monday, April 2, 2012

26 March 2012

Being an old fart, there are special medical procedures designed specifically for my personal irritation. Fasting blood work is one. The colonoscopy is another. I have a longer list if you're interested.

Fasting blood work destroys an entire day by getting me out of the house before breakfast. There is little to no recovery from this abomination except to trudge along until the next day gets here. Not unlike a reboot.

With the colonoscopy, it's not so much the procedure, but the more prep, both of which is followed by fasting, fasting through lunch in my next instance. You'd think there'd be some federal prohibition on this mess. Where's that extra line in the Affordable Care Act?

So I agree to this nonsense one more time. It's that or listen to it, and I despise listening to it. The nurse on the phone is pleasant, matter-of-fact, and lightly cheering. She didn't ask me to come in for an preliminary appointment. Instead, she covered all the points on the phone. She'll send me some paperwork by mail, and I'll arrive ever so grumpy at the appointed time. I doubt she designed this manner of doing business, but she implemented the design well, leaving me a bit more cheered for the day, and that deserves a card for sure. 

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