Wednesday, April 4, 2012

28 March 2012

As part of my work, I participate in professional conferences, though no where near like I did back in the day when it seemed like one a month, each with multiple presentations. Maybe I'm just not as smart as I used to be.

This is the week we get proposals ready for presentations in November. I have one. Yes, one. And I'm doing it with three people. Now, that probably sounds like I'm sharing the load, and perhaps I am, at least for the hour we're on the stage.

The thing is, it's hard for me to find people with whom I want to present. I manage presentations as an extended conversation with the audience, and that's all a plan to keep me from droning on for the entire time about, mostly, nothing. With the give and take of a conversation, the energy flows back and forth between the stage and the audience. With multiple speakers, the one can process questions further while the other speaks, and that all means we have better conversations with more energy.

The one fellow I'll present with this fall is an longtime bud. We do this well together, and have done it a thousand times now. However, he also is not afraid to rein me in when I go off on a tangent. Not many seem willing to do that.

The other is a newbie for us. I've been watching her for a year, and I think this is going to work. She is certainly no shrinking violet, and they're both getting cards for agreeing to play with me.

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