Thursday, April 5, 2012

29 March 2012

We are generally always busy at work, and most times, I see this as a good problem, though there are days when I'd like to have a week with fewer snakes to kill. This means we occasionally have bottlenecks, and this despite all the project management that goes on in the background. Last year this month, we had one of those times, and this year this month, it's happening again. With the same activity, mind you.

To make it all work out, a peep across the building offered to step in and take a trip to Rockville, just as he did last year when he took a trip to Budapest. Now, you're probably wondering why I'm giving away a trip to Budapest, and if you are, you need to remember my height and how I so poorly fit in airline coach seats, especially for intercontinental flights.

You just couldn't ask for better collegiality than this.

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