Saturday, April 7, 2012

31 March 2012

With the return of the good weather, I find myself pedaling downtown for the occasional dinner. It's about five miles each way, and that little bit of exercise balances, at least in part, what I wind up eating. Like most people, I have my favorite haunt, though I tend to make the rounds lest I become bored.

The sad thing is that I had been missing in action through the winter because of the weather that left me disinclined to ride my bike. Yes, I could ride my car, but where's the fun, and eccentricity, in that?

So, so, so, I show up at my favorite spot for an early dinner. Think 4:30, and yes that is early for many, but it gets me out of there before the crowds arrive and take over. I hate crowds. I loathe loud.

By 6, I had checked out, and was pedaling home. I wondered along the way if the waitress, and part-owner, put my name on the ticket like she did last year. That question had to wait until I arrived home where I quickly found my name right there on the itemized receipt. She remembered me.

They also remember my preference for mac-n-cheese, but I haven't had that in a while. It's that little thing, among the others such as the greeting smile, that keeps me going back. Maybe one day, I'll go when they're crowded. OK, that's a stretch. Someone else can have that duty.

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